Kyrsten Mate

Sound Designer

Kyrsten's Story

Kyrsten Mate graduated from San Francisco State University with an B.A. in the Broadcast and Communication Arts and immediately entered film post production. From her early time at Saul Zaentz Film Center and American Zoetrope, she has experienced all aspects of audio post production; including sound effects recording, sound editing, sound design, and the final mixing process. Many luminaries in the directing world have crossed her path during her long career, including those as diverse as Anthony Minghella, Francis Ford Coppola, Brad Bird, Walter Murch, and John Waters. Working in the world of sound effects in a labor of joy for her; Kyrsten truly believes in the power of carefully designed audio as a means to shape perception. She loves creating a sense of space with ambience, the minutiae of clockworks, and the creativity of science fiction sounds. Kyrsten has worked on over 60 features, has won several Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild awards, and is currently a sound designer and sound effects editor at Skywalker Sound in Marin, California.