Director of Sound Design, Randy Thom, invited the owner of a local Bay Area trapeze and circus school to Skywalker Sound in order to replicate a tight-rope setting on the scoring stage. A trapeze wire was installed, stretching lengthwise across the stage. They jiggled, they banged, they whipped, and they shook. Randy and his team were able to record various types of sound effects as the wire was manipulated in many different ways.


We all celebrated 10 very remarkable Skywalker Sound employees as they were presented with their anniversary statues. Terry Eckton, Susan Leahy, Marilyn McCoppen, Dennie Thorpe, Richard Hymns, Tom Johnson, and Michael Silvers received the coveted R2-D2 statues, commemorating 30 years with Skywalker Sound. Sean England, André Fenley, and Jon Null received C-3PO statues marking 20 years. We all raised our glasses to toast over 270 years of combined service. Bravo!