The Cinema Audio Society Awards were held Saturday night and our Skywalker family was well represented with nominations in multiple categories. Skywalker Sound projects brought home wins for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing in both Motion Picture categories.  Randy Thom was awarded in the Motion Picture – Live Action category for his work on The Revenant and Michael Semanick and Tom Johnson were awarded in the Motion Picture – Animated category for their work on Inside Out.


For a complete list of awards, click here. Congratulations Randy, Michael and Tom!


Leslie Ann Jones took home her fourth Grammy on Monday, winning Best Engineered Album, Classical for her work on Ask Your Mama.  Congratulations, Leslie!  Ask Your Mama, which features Langston Hughes, Laura Karpman, The Roots, Janai Brugger, Nnenna Freelon, Angela Brown, Medusa, George Manahan & The San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, was recorded at Skywalker Sound (above).


On Sunday evening, Randy Thom was honored with the British Academy Film Award for Best Sound for his incredible work on The Revenant.  Congratulations, Randy!  To read more about Randy’s amazing sound design on the film, click here.



The Academy Award Nominations were announced last week and Skywalker Sound received four nominations across the two sound categories.


For Best Sound Editing, Matthew Wood and Dave Acord received the nomination for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  In the category of Best Sound Mixing, Skywalker received three additional nominations:  Gary Rydstrom for Bridge of Spies, Christopher Scarabosio for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Randy Thom for The Revenant.


A big congratulations to all of our nominees and their crews!  The winners will be revealed at the 88th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony on Sunday, February 28.  Best of luck to all!

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The Cinema Audio Society announced it’s nominations this morning, celebrating excellence in sound mixing.  Skywalker Sound received and astounding nine nominations!


In the category of Motion Picture – Live Action, Skywalker received nominations for:

Bridge of Spies: Re-recording Mixer – Gary Rydstrom, Foley Mixer – Chris Manning

The Revenant: Re-recording Mixer – Randy Thom

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Re-recording Mixer – Chris Scarabosio, Foley Mixer – Chris Manning


In the category of Motion Picture – Animated, Skywalker projects received four out of the five category nominations with:

The Good Dinosaur: Re-recording Mixers – Tom Johnson & Michael Semanick, Foley Mixer – Chris Manning

Inside Out: Re-recording Mixers – Tom Johnson & Michael Semanick

Minions: Re-recording Mixers – Gary Rizzo & Chris Scarabosio, Foley Mixer – Corey Tyler

The Peanuts Movie: Re-recording Mixers – Lora Hirschberg, Randy Thom & Leff Lefferts, Foley Mixer – Jason Butler


Re-recording Mixers Nathan Nance and Scott Lewis along with Foley Mixer Corey Tyler were nominated for House of Cards – Chapter 27 in the category of Television Series – 1 Hour.


Scott Lewis was also nominated as the Re-recording Mixer for Keith Richards: Under the Influence in the category of Television Non-Fiction, Variety or Music Series or Specials.


Congratulations to all of our nominees!  For more information, including a complete list of nominations, click here.  The winners will be announced at the 52nd annual Cinema Audio Society Awards on February 20 in Los Angeles.


The 2016 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award nominations were announced this morning and three Skywalker Sound projects have been nominated.  Bridge of Spies – Gary Rydstrom & Richard Hymns, The Revenant – Randy Thom, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Matt Wood, David Acord and Chris Scarabosio have all been nominated in the category of Best Sound.

Congratulations to you all!  A complete list of nominees can be found here.