Al Nelson

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

Al's Story

After graduating with a degree in music composition and film music studies from Florida State University, Al Nelson moved to Northern California to pursue a career in “New Media”. A job in film straight out of college seemed far-fetched and Los Angeles didn’t quite resonate. A great friend and fellow composer convinced Al that San Francisco was the place to be. After a brief internship and some work on commercials, games and multi media education, Al found himself interviewing for a machine room job at Skywalker Sound. Barely two years after his arrival to San Francisco, Al was holding the original source recordings for Star Wars and working among legends of sound design. This unexpected journey has taken him from machine rooms and mag to aircraft carriers and wild animal preserves.


After over twenty-five years into his career at Skywalker, Al has been fortunate to work with some of the best talent in the film industry and for some of the best filmmakers of our time.