Michael Silvers

Supervising Sound Editor

Michael's Story

Michael Silvers was born and raised in Queens, NY. He graduated Queens College with a degree in history and became interested in documentary filmmaking. After graduating Stanford University with an MA in Film and Broadcasting (the program was known for its emphasis in documentaries), he got his first job in the film business working as a PA on “Rock And Roll High School”. Several weeks into the shoot he realized that it wasn’t a documentary, but he completed the job anyway. That project led to a year-long job as an assistant to the post production supervisors at American Zoetrope where he met the editorial crews on Apocalypse Now and The Black Stallion and decided to concentrate on editing as a career. He worked on Never Cry Wolf for two years where he met the renowned sound designer Alan Splet, and he worked with him and his crew on several films, including Blue Velvet, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dead Poets Society and Mountains of the Moon. He then started working at Skywalker Sound primarily in 1988, starting with Willow and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


He has worked at Skywalker on a variety of different films and has had a long association with Pixar.  He has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards and along with Randy Thom won the award for best sound editing for The Incredibles in 2005. His wife Lois has worked with special needs children and adults most of her career and he has two adult daughters who make him very proud.