Roy Waldspurger

Re-recording Mixer

Roy's Story

Roy is a re-recording mixer who uses his years of experience as both sound editor and engineer to help filmmakers realize the full potential of their soundtrack. “I listen to what the client is hearing, not just to what’s coming out of the speakers. It’s important to keep perspective about the entire process – both creative and technical, so that time can be spent on what’s most valuable to the filmmakers.” Roy’s formal education in audio started while a student at Stanford University. Working at their Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) he saw the possibilities that new technology opened up for music. After completing a degree in electrical engineering, Roy joined Sonic Solutions, as they were developing the first networked audio workstations. While there, he became product manager for film applications. He transitioned to working directly on feature films – first as a staff engineer at American Zoetrope, and then on both picture and sound editorial crews. For the past eight years Roy has focused his energy on what he enjoys most – the process of bringing together the final elements of a mix. Roy has worked with numerous filmmakers including David Mamet, Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola, Curtis Hanson, Lasse Hallström, Michael Lehman, and Wayne Wang. His mixing on Phil Spector was nominated for both an Emmy and C.A.S. award.