Watch a conversation with the Mixers, Supervisors and Sound Designer for West Side Story 2021. Tod Maitland, Andy Nelson, Gary Rydstrom, Brian Chumney and Shawn Murphy. Watch Now

The GRAMMY nominations this past week included a long awaited category announcement left out of last year’s 63rd Awards due to pandemic-related delays: Best Immersive Audio Album. full article here

What kind of resume includes things like “a roaring inferno that speaks cougar”, or “a dinosaur with eight different voices”? Heather Wishart-Smith interviews Gary Rydstrom to find out full article here

Sound Supervisor, Designer and Editor, Kyrsten Mate recording jets for Captain Marvel.

Behind me are members of the Patriots Jet Team and their Aero L-7 Albatross – nice guys! We recorded these in anticipation of the Captain Marvel dogfight scene, the Carol Danvers origin moment. It is really difficult to record jets for a dogfight perspective, as you could imagine. You are standing on the ground and they are flying at insane speeds away or towards you. But the benefit of these recordings are that they give the tracks movement and speed within the onboard sound. They really amp up the feeling of banking and turning or diving. There is a benefit to recording things just as they are, but I always listen for the sounds that will help convey the story more. Read More.

By Michael Goldman

At Skywalker Sound, women are making connections – and that makes all the difference.

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